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Tsing is a comprehensive service provider of propaganda and promotional products procurement, IP marketing and loyalty marketing solutions, and digital procurement platform.

TSING Solutions

With more than a decade of global customer service experience, the founding team members of Tsing are committed to providing complete and unique solutions in four aspects:


Propaganda and promotional items procurement service

With a complete range of propaganda and promotional items and rich experience in gift marketing, Tsing is capable of supporting enterprises in the following aspects:

  • Acquire products and ideas with a global perspective
  • Realize domestic/global market launch with consistent quality
  • Implement rigorous testing procedures to ensure that all propaganda and promotional items meet high standards
  • Professional online mall for propaganda and promotional products
  • Obtain and analyze the marketing effects of propaganda and promotional products through big data
  • Meet the unique and personalized needs of enterprise brands, and realize the leap of marketing from "audio and visual" to "audio, visual, and touch".


IP marketing solution

Tsing's IP team is committed to pharming and operating IP for customers, providing comprehensive services from brand insight, IP strategy formulation, brand IP integration design, series IP customized products, and brand IP communication planning and execution. Achieving the in-depth integration of the customer's brand and IP, and communicating more deeply with consumers through the process to form brand attraction and trust.
Tsing has a "Super IP Partner Group" that are constantly exporting top-level inspirations to Tsing's customers, including People's Cultural Creative, Disney, Marvel, etc.

  • IP genuine authorization, cross-border cooperation
  • 50+ head IP cooperation resources
  • Integrated planning and execution of IP marketing and large-scale marketing activities


Loyalty marketing solutions

Tsing is specialized in supporting enterprises in customer loyalty marketing, optimizing customer/consumer reward programs, increasing retention and repurchase rates, and cultivating more loyal fans for the brand.

  • Points operation
  • Member loyalty management
  • Staff welfare
  • Group purchase
  • Mail order by installments
  • Personalized customer reward program
  • Gamification of the loyalty program
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee


Digital procurement management platform

Tsing's digital enterprise procurement management platform is China's first procurement management platform focusing on propaganda and promotional items. It realizes the digitization of the entire procurement process of corporate procurement application, supplier management, inquiry and quotation, contract, acceptance, and reconciliation, enabling enterprises to achieve:

  • Save procurement costs, improve product quality, and directly obtain a complete supply chain ecology
  • Concise, clear and transparent supply chain management
  • Realize data visualization to help enterprises analyze the market and make accurate investments
  • Optimize the procurement process, improve execution efficiency, and reduce labor and management costs
  • Choose any service of propaganda and promotion materials procurement, IP marketing and loyalty marketing solutions, the digital procurement platform will be available for free use permanently.
  • Global procurement, global distribution

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About Tsing

With customers all over the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States, Tsing maintains long-term partnerships with lots of Fortune 500 companies and supports them to build their brands based on entities. 

The founding team members of Tsing have accumulated experience of 10+ years in global customer service. From custom procurement of conventional propaganda and promotional items, to IP and creativity with a global perspective, to unique customer loyalty marketing, Tsing has been recognized to be more professional and comprehensive. Moreover, based on that, Tsing has also developed China's first procurement management platform focusing on propaganda and promotional products, which has realized the digitization of the entire process of corporate procurement application, supplier management, inquiry and quotation, contract, acceptance and reconciliation.

Tsing is supporting customers to greatly increase their consumers’ preference and selection possibility. Representatives of those customers include Bytedance, People's Daily, Siemens, HSBC, FamilyMart, Disney, Shell, Bayer, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Qingbei Online School, Guagualong Mind, Ocean Engine, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Crun, Huohua Think...

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